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 Lynics from Sworn Enemiez

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PostSubject: Lynics from Sworn Enemiez   Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:54 pm

Sorry to bother you, But i was wanting to know the prices for the T6 Tokens. I am a re-roll from Jubei'Thos sever. I am also GM of Sworn Enemiez and i am trying to help my guild progress, but its very hard to do because our tank situation. We have been turned down by so many tanks because we are still in kara trying to get the tanks that we have. With an opportunity to get tokens. I would be able to MT. my guild through lower level progression. I'm attempting to get badges gear ,but no one wants to take a tank with 12k un-buffed hp. Please Help me out in anyway possible...
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Lynics from Sworn Enemiez
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