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 Solisa - Mage (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Solisa - Mage (Accepted)   Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:16 pm

Character Name: Solisa

Character Level, Gender, Race: 70, Female, Draenei (I am actually a guy, for all the difference it makes)

Character Class, Primary Spec: Mage, Arcane (40/0/21)

Player Age: 18

Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Lightning%27s+Blade&n=Solisa

Character Professions (Secondary Included): Enchanting 375, Mining 375, First Aid 375, Fishing and Cooking very low

Raid Experience:Every Boss in BC from Heroic dungeons up through Bloodboil in Black Temple, including Archimonde in Hyjal.

Do you have Ventrilo installed and a functional microphone?: Yes, and yes.

Current or previous guild (Reason for leaving and highest guild rank):Sigil, still a trial at the moment, they have stopped raiding for BC and I want to keep raiding, simple as that. My leaving is completely amicable.

Why do you wish to join Eminence?:I enjoy raiding and I wish to raid with a competent team of players.

Are you willing to attend the four weekly raids?: Yes, definitely.

Are you familiar with any player(s) in Eminence now?:I don't know how many of my friends have transferred to Eminence, but I know Doomboom, Geae, Carboy, Eishiki, and Glardof. I also believe Defari said he'd vouch for me.

What can you offer Eminence?:My DPS and my ability to understand fight mechanics. I also know how to use a mod such as decursive in order to quickly....well, decurse. Watch Omen, don't stand in fire... and so on.

Are there any abilities or attributes in your possession that make you a valuable player relative to a 25-man raid environment?: I'm fairly quiet and unobtrusive, I don't pick fights with people and I'm a quick learner. I do everything in my power to push the most dps I can for my gear level. All I really do in WoW is PvE content, and I do my best to understand that.
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PostSubject: Re: Solisa - Mage (Accepted)   Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:35 pm

oh snap sigil mage.
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Solisa - Mage (Accepted)
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